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Dip. Tibetan Massage
Dip. Thai Massage
Cert. Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stones, Relaxation,                           Bowen Therapy

Over many years of experience Romana has mastered the art of combining Deep Tissue release with Relaxation Massage, to allow your body to relax and let go.



Dip. Remedial Massage
Dip. Anatomy + Physiology
Dip. Aromatherapy
Dip. Thai Massage

Christele is experienced in a variety of techniques including deep tissue, trigger points and reflexology. 

She maintains relaxation throughout the treatment as a key to relieving muscle tension and aiding recovery.


Dip. Holistic Health
Post-Grad Dip. Sports Massage
Post-Grad Dip. Neuro-muscular Therapy

Isabelle has a wealth of experience in rehabilitation & massage therapy. 

She offers a variety of  treatments, using postural and flexibility analysis to create an optimal outcome.


Dip. Holistic Massage
Dip. Reflexology, Dip. Anatomy + Physiology

Kati has a holistic approach to reducing stress, pain, injuries and helping restore your body back to balance.

She offers Holistic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Relaxation Massage, and Energy Healing.

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