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Relieve your pain, stress and tension today

From relaxation to speciality treatments such as hot stone therapy, we have everything you need to help your body and mind feel restored.


Allow your body to relax, enjoy a slower pace using lighter pressure and gentle and smooth strokes to calm the body and relieve stress.​


Integrates essential oils into a massage session with a personalised essential oil blend massaged into the skin.

Hot Stone

A deeply relaxing and therapeutic treatment incorporating heated basalt stones into the massage session.

Deep Tissue

Deeper Pressure to release muscle and keep your body in it’s ideal state, preventing injury and chronic tension.


Relieve and soothe sore muscles either post event or as part of your regular body maintenance.


Ideal for restoring range of movement due to injury and releasing deep tension patterns with trigger point therapy.


Working on the feet and hands to help the body to maintain its natural and healthy balance. Relaxing yet powerful.

Tailored to you

Our therapists are more than happy to work with you on what you need, so please do speak to them before or during your treament


Massage to support you throughout your pregnancy and cope with the joys (and stresses) of motherhood.

Specialty Treatments

Book today and experience the difference our treatments can make at the best prices in town!

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